About Ludu


Our Approach

Your success is your success!  

We aim to stay in the background, working with the team or the individual in a discrete manner.

In mentoring and coaching, we provide the expertise and transfer skills directly to the client(s)  - we're not attention seekers.

In delivery facilitation we are part of your team, adopting a leadership style that works within your context; assimilation to your culture is immediate.  

In any case, we begin the handover process as soon as it is practical, ensuring that nothing will fall through the cracks once we are gone.



Training is an underappreciated skill, often provided by good presenters, without the appropriate level of practical experience.  Our trainers have the relevant experience, having lived through the challenges in the evolution toward enhanced agility.  Typically, each one of us is still active as facilitator, mentor, and/or coach.