This first level Tameflow kanban course - Mastering Flow (MF) - will provide you with the tools and step-by-step approach to “tame” the friction that impedes your progress in order to focus improvement efforts; allowing you to realize financial benefits in a timely manner. You will learn how to produce outstanding bottom line performance improvements without the need to retrain, reskill, restructure or take on any new risks. 



The tools and techniques learned and practiced in the Mastering Flow (MF) course are complementary to all frameworks and existing approaches. Your team will improve their delivery of value in a timely manner, regardless of the context and applied practices, with a strong emphasis on the cultural context and mental models. The ideal trainees for the Mastering Flow class are:

  • Knowledge workers
  • Managers of knowledge work 
  • Coaches, mentors and facilitators
  • Anyone else who is responsible for improving the delivery of a team’s products and services

Mastering Flow (MF) is the first of two (2) courses required for the Certified TameFlow Kanban Practitioner (CKP) certification and as such there are no pre-requisites.


NOTE: Both days consist of interactive group exercises and simulations

Based on relevant sections of Tame Your Work Flow, the critically acclaimed book by Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron on agility and performance management, this course covers the following:

Day 1 – Overview – Tameflow Kanban Basics 

  • Introduction to Tameflow Kanban 
  • Kanban metrics & Little’s Law 
  • Flawed Mental Models about Flow Efficiency
    • Wait & Touch Time 
    • The power of explicit mental models
    • Postponed commitment and limiting Work In Process (WIP)
    • The business value of Flow efficiency 
    • Where to focus improvement efforts
  • Flow Lab s(t)imulation for hands-on demonstration of the following
    • Lead Time
    • Touch Time
    • Flow Efficiency
    • Throughput
    • WIP
    • Causal loops
    • Learning organisations, Flow management & Active Learning

Day 2 – Overview – Building a Flow Efficiency Kanban Board 

  • Tameflow values 
    • Community of Trust pattern
    • Unity of Purpose pattern 
  • The four fundamental flows 
    • Psychological flow
    • Financial flow
    • Operational flow
    • Informational flow
  • Kanban Practices and Principles
  • Flow Efficiency Kanban Board Design 
  • Create a Flow Efficiency Kanban Board that you can use at work tomorrow!


This class is a certified Tameflow training course, developed under the supervision of Steve Tendon, the creator of Tameflow Kanban, and several senior practitioners. At the end of the course trainees receive a Tameflow Kanban course certificate.

There are no exam requirements for the course certificate.


  • You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization right away – the practices shouldn’t require permission, nor a large budget, nor getting others to immediately change the way they work – in effect creating a learning organization;

  • The tools and techniques learned and practiced in the course are complementary to all frameworks and existing approaches;

  • Upon completion the Mastering Flow (MF) class (this course) you      are 50% of the way to becoming a Tameflow Certified Kanban Practitioner (CKP), which is a lifetime designation with no further obligations.

  • Trainees also receive the following:
    • A Google Drive Shared Folder fully indexed with hundreds of the best articles, videos, and presentations from Kanban experts


Mario Latreille brings a mix of experience and theoretical knowledge through 20+ years of large-scale delivery leadership on an international stage. He is a SAFe, PMI and Tameflow Kanban certified practitioner, and has over 10 years of training and coaching experience. 

Mr. Latreille thrives on disrupting the status quo for improving performance, with a focus on outcomes and the bottom line. He maintains a fresh perspective on delivery by continuously complementing his senior management coaching and mentoring experience with team-level facilitation.


  • Given the social nature of the course, lunch is provided to encourage informal discussions around the course content

  • Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class

  • If the designated instructor is unable to conduct the course, an equally competent and capable trainer will act as a replacement to teach the class

  • There are no exams, but attendees must be present for the entire duration, with active participation, in order to successfully complete the course

  • Refunds are provided as follows: 
    • 30+ days prior to the course start date, 100%;
    • 15 to 29 days prior to the course start date, 50%

  • If the course is cancelled by us, a full refund will be provided, regardless of the course conduct lead-time;

  • We reserve the right to change the location of the course, within a      reasonable distance from the originally planned location.