Some of Our Services


Coaching is the most difficult of all consulting practices, it is thankless and, when done well, gives all of the credit for success to your team, not us!

We take pride is our coaching, whether one-on-one with an executive or within a team setting.

Either way, our default position is that we are to remain in the background; we will aim to be visible only when instructed.


Providing prescriptive guidance is sometimes the right way to enable  step function improvements.

Trying something that has worked elsewhere, in a similar context, can  quickly lead your team to the next level, providing the trigger to the continued evolution.

Facilitation / Leadership

Program or portfolio leadership, in a dedicated manner by one of our partners can lead to successful delivery of a critical initiative using the latest proven delivery strategies. 

On an onsite or dedicated assignment, we show your team how the principles of agility work in a real-life scenario, with a combination of mentoring and coaching.

Our differentiation here is that we begin to plan an exit strategy early in the assignment to ensure that your team has what it takes to continue as soon as we are no longer needed.